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What to Know About Car Insurance and How to Bid for the Best Price

Car insurance is a must-have for every vehicle owner in Florida. It is important to have the best auto insurance policy with affordable rates, as it not only provides protection in case of an accident or theft but is also required by law in many states including ours. However, finding cheap Florida car insurance can be a daunting task for drivers, especially those who are new to the state. With this in mind, Evelyn Calabuch, founder of American US Insurance, an Independent Insurance Agency with offices in Boca Raton and Miami, Florida, has put together five things consumers should know about car insurance in 2023 and how to find the best affordable auto insurance in the sunshine state.

We will also explore how prices for car insurance are determined based on age, credit, marital status, and garaging zipcode, and explain why every zipcode has a different price and why two people with the same age, sex, and cars may not have the same price.

1. How to Get the Best Auto Insurance Price

Car insurance prices differ from one individual to another based on several factors such as age, credit, marital status, and garaging zipcode. Every zipcode has a different price due to various factors such as the number of car thefts and accidents recorded in that area. Two individuals of the same age, same sex, and same cars will not have the same price because of factors such as credit history and driving record. Younger drivers typically have higher insurance premiums than older drivers due to their lack of driving experience.

Drivers with poor credit scores may also see higher premiums as some insurance companies view poor credit as an indication of risk. Married drivers may be eligible for lower premiums as married couples are seen as more responsible drivers. Finally, the zip code where you park or keep your vehicle can impact your insurance rates due to factors such as crime rate, traffic volume, and population density.

It is important for consumers to provide accurate information when filling out an application form to avoid any discrepancy when it comes to the quote and be able to get the best price.

2. Shop Around for the Best Auto Insurance Policy

Customers should not settle for the first auto insurance company they come across. One of the ways to find cheap Florida car insurance is by getting quotes from different auto insurance companies. Every company offers different rates and coverage options, and consumers should take their time to compare quotes before deciding. In my opinion the best way to get affordable car insurance is to deal with Independent Insurance Agencies like American US Insurance, where your quote will be sent simultaneously to different insurance carriers, in a mission to get the best price. With the help of an independent insurance agent, customers can identify better what company has the best auto insurance in the market by considering factors such as rates, coverage options, and customer service, after the quotes has being submitted by the agent.

toy car driving down a pile of coins symbolizing better price with good credit 3. Credit History and Cheap Auto Insurance                                             

Credit history plays a critical role in determining car insurance rates. Insurance companies use credit scores to measure the likelihood of a policyholder filing a claim. Individuals with good credit scores pay lower rates than those with poor credit scores. It is important for consumers to maintain a good credit history by paying bills on time, avoiding unnecessary debt, and monitoring their credit reports regularly.

4. Choosing the Right Insurance Coverage Option

Before selecting a car insurance policy, it is important to understand the types of coverage that are available. Florida requires drivers to have a minimum amount of coverage to legally operate a vehicle. This minimum coverage includes $10,000 in personal injury protection (PIP) and $10,000 in property damage liability (PDL). However, it is recommended to opt for a policy with more coverage than the minimum if you can afford it. Additional coverage options include liability coverage, collision, and comprehensive coverage. Liability coverage protects you in case of an accident where you are at fault and covers damage and injuries to the other driver or passengers. Collision coverage covers damage to your vehicle in the case of an accident, while comprehensive coverage covers damage to your vehicle that is not a result of an accident, such as theft or natural disasters.

Drivers should choose the right coverage options that suit their budgets and needs. Be sure to review your coverage options regularly to ensure you have the best Florida auto insurance policy that covers you well and suits your needs.

5. Discounts for Florida Auto Insurance

Auto insurance companies offer discounts to policyholders who demonstrate safe driving habits. Some of the discounts include accident-free, low mileage, and defensive driving discounts. Additional discounts available are for example: electronic or paid in full payments, paperless option, Snapshot or driving monitoring systems and advance quotes discount. Insurance shoppers should take advantage of these opportunities to reduce their car insurance rates. It is recommended to ask your Independent Insurance Agent for any discount available from the companies that you could apply to your quote.

In conclusion, finding the best auto insurance policy in Florida with cheap rates can be challenging but possible. Consider factors such as difference in price for different individuals, getting quotes from different companies, the importance of credit history, your garaging zip code, choosing the right coverage options, and discounts for safe driving. By following these tips, drivers can find the best auto insurance in Florida that meets their needs and budget.

Written by: Evelyn Calabuch President and Founder of American US Insurance a Florida Insurance Agency with offices in Boca Raton and Miami

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