How to lose weight fast

How to lose weight fast

Being overweight is not only an aesthetic problem, but a profound health problem that compromises your quality of life and could lower your self-esteem, mentioned Evelyn Calabuch, General Agent of American US Insurance, a Florida Independent Insurance Agency based in Boca Raton. Many people think it is about vanity or looking good but having a proper weight and keeping good healthy habits is being healthy. Health is essential, without health there is no success that can be enjoyed. Today we will talk about "fashion" diets and how to get an ideal weight that can help you get a better price on your health or life insurance.

Overweight is a real medical problem

Obesity can have devastating consequences for your body; you feel more tired, heavier, but the worst thing is what happens inside your body: diabetes, fatty liver, slow metabolism and so on. Overweight is a time bomb inside your body, which hopes to explode and lead to more serious health problems.

Today obesity is treated as a real medical problem; there are specialists who will help you lose weight healthily and monitor the whole process. You can access this benefit with good health insurance, regardless of your age, medical condition, sex, or other factors. You are entitled to quality medical care and American US Insurance can help you obtain the desired coverage

Obesity triggers

Following the idea above, the reason you may be overweight might be very different from other people with the same problem, so any diet won't give the same results in all cases. There are people who lose weight faster than others that cost them a lot of time and effort, and the reason is that all diets do not have the same result and you must look for the ideal one.

It is also important to have adequate medical advice and above all to have a lot of willpower, because to keep a good diet it is essential to follow it’s directions, eat at the right times and maintain the discipline required to obtain the best results.

Another way to maximize the good development of a weight loss diet is to inform yourself correctly and research all your options available on sites like Mayo Clinic, where you can find a lot of information about the topic and various diet options for you.

Why am I overweight?

Normally a person is overweight for a few reasons, but here are a few specific causes:

  • Your eating habits
  • A sedentary life and lack of exercise 
  • A hormonal problem

In addition, some factors are likely to predispose you to obesity, such as:

  • Genetics, your genes impact your body more than you realize. However, with the right diet you can lose weight, it may cost you a little more work, but with a little effort and good advice you could achieve it.
  • Family habits, usually in a family where there is a member with obesity the rest also suffers from the same problem to a greater or lesser extent. This is because the same lifestyle is shared, and the diet is usually similar.

The fastest way to lose weight is to get moving, inactivity increases your risk of obesity. Inadequate, high-calorie diet contributes to largely overweight. There are diseases that can cause sudden weight gain, in addition; certain medications can contribute to obesity, such as: steroids, beta blockers and others. Emotional, social, and economic problems can trigger somewhere overweight. Many people after a certain age start to be overweight, this may be due to hormonal change or simply because they have become more inactive. It is also important to know that after a certain age muscles tend to decrease, so you should feed yourself thinking about this fact and increase the proteins intake.

After pregnancy, it is common to be overweight. In the other hand when changing certain habits such as smoking, you may tend to gain weight however, the benefits of quitting smoking are many and the kilos gained can be easily lost. Quit Smoking!

As you will notice, the factors that cause overweight are many, so most of the time it is important to see a doctor’s advice before deciding on a diet. This way you make sure you follow a dietary regimen according to your health and lifestyle.

The best weight loss diets

Knowing all the above, it is time to talk about the different fashion diets and how these can help you, since each one has its advantages and disadvantages.

Popular diets include:

  • The Atkins diet
  • The Vegetarian diet
  • The Mediterranean diet
  • Ketogenic diet, among others...


The Mediterranean diet for rapid weight loss

The truth is that, the Mediterranean diet is not only a dietary regimen, but a lifestyle that includes: drinking lots of water, consuming fresh vegetables and natural products, being physically active and above all, being happy and enjoying good company and family.

Yes, the Mediterranean diet is based on the Mediterranean lifestyle where you consume a lot of fish, little meat, many fresh vegetables and fruits, everything is cooked with olive oil, you drink a lot of water and you enjoy nuts and top quality products.

In this diet, the consumption of omega 3 abounds, so your cardiovascular health improves and reduces the risk of a heart attack by up to 30%. In addition, no food group is prohibited, you can eat carbohydrates, but it limits the consumption of red meats.

Pros of the Mediterranean diet

The best thing about the Mediterranean diet is that it is delicious; allows you to enjoy natural and good quality food. Its biggest disadvantage: it may be a bit more expensive.


The Mediterranean diet includes products that in European countries have an affordable cost, but in the United States and Latin America they are more expensive, such as: extra virgin olive oil and certain fish and seafood.

While the above is a negative point, this diet can be carried out by eating seasonal fruits and vegetables and opting for cheap fish, such as sardines.

It is important for the success of this diet that everything you consume is as natural as possible, forget about canned fish and highly processed products. In a short time, you will see that not only do you lose kilos, but you gain health.

The Atkins diet is one of the most popular

The Atkins diet is one of the most famous because it helps you lose weight quickly. The truth is the Atkins diet is practiced by many celebrities who say no to carbohydrate consumption and promotes lipids intake. However, this can cause havoc on your health. While the Atkins diet works in the short term, it is not a dietary regimen right for you. Simply because abusing lipid use puts your cardiovascular health at risk, it also forces your kidneys to work harder.

The Atkins diet, like ketogenic diet, looks for the body to take fat and convert it into energy, while removing carbohydrates (the body's main energy source) your body has no choice but to start taking fats and transforming them into your fuel.

Against the Atkins diet

It is normal to feel unwell during the first few weeks with this diet; dizziness and even fatigued frequently. Also, when consuming large amounts of protein and lipids the heart and kidneys suffer. Therefore, it is essential to visit a doctor who performs a complete checkup and tells if you can apply this diet. With good, yet cheap health insurance, you can access this type of specialized care.

Points in favor of the Atkins diet

It helps you lose weight quickly, but it is not for everyone. Ketogenic diets a controversial option. The ketogenic diet is remarkably like the Atkins diet, this dietary regimen also significantly reduces carbohydrate intake. The intention is to form ketones. The premise is similar to that of the Atkins diet, but carbohydrates are not completely eliminated. You could say that the Atkins diet is a type of ketogenic diet, where you seek to decrease carbohydrates and use fat and other compounds as an energy form.

Facts in favor of the ketogenic diet

Your stomach will start getting flat in just a few days and you will start seeing ketosis within four to five days, if done properly. Sites like, are among the best ones to start searching for a Keto Diet option. I personally lost 25 pounds just the first month after taking their quiz and sticking to my diet correctly. Basically, eating good fats like avocados, salmon, non-processed cheeses, etc. Who does not like a good American breakfast with eggs and bacon in the early morning? If you are inclined towards a ketogenic diet high in lipids and low in carbs, legumes and vegetables, your lipid profile will decrease rapidly. Just keep in mind that exclusionary diets are not recommended but a balanced diet, where each food group is consumed in the correct proportion.

Against the ketogenic diet

Ketogenic diets are very limiting and can make you feel tired and sick at the beginning. It is quite common to feel tired and dizzy during the first few days, but this is completely normal. So, it is always recommended to visit a specialist before starting this type of dietary regimen. If you have adequate health insurance, such as the ones provided by our agency, you can have a full checkup and lab tests before starting any diet

The vegetarian diet, popular from the Netflix film "The Game Changers"

The vegetarian diet has become extremely popular through the Netflix documentary "The Game Changers", which talks about this dietary regimen and how it can be used by athletes without impairing its performance. Yes, much of this denies documentary that requires meat for muscle building also underscores the benefits of plant foods.

But to all this, what is a vegetarian diet? Quite simple: a dietary regime where meat and products of animal origin are eliminated, such as: eggs, dairy, among others. The vegan diet has been adopted by many people around the world, either by personal convictions or simply because they want to improve their health. It is an excellent option, but it is necessary to perform this diet under the supervision of doctors; because you are highly likely to break down and need certain supplements.

Points in favor of the vegan diet

The vegan diet has many advantages, your body detoxifies and cleanses quickly, the appearance of your skin improves and reduces the chance of certain diseases, such as: cancer, diabetes, among others and in addition, animal life is respected as an extra benefit.

Point against the vegan diet

Vegetarian or vegan diets should be monitored by a nutrition specialist, as it is possible to suffer from a certain vitamin and mineral deficiency if you do not know the foods to be consumed. For example:

By opting for the vegan diet, you can lose a lot of iron and have a deficit, but if you eat certain vegan foods like broccoli there will be no problems. The same goes for calcium and vitamin B, you should study which plant-based foods provide you with these elements and consume them. If you do the above, you will have no problems adopting the vegan diet.

Based on what is mentioned above, it is necessary to be monitored by a nutritionist or doctor who values your body's reaction. Never start a radical dietary regimen without your doctor supervision, as you may feel tired and discomforted.

Do you want to lose weight? The best option: a balanced diet and exercise

If you want to lose weight quickly and without rebound, the best option is to stick to a balanced diet and have an exercise routine. Yes, opting for a balanced dietary regimen, in which different food groups are consumed in correct proportions is the best option together with a little activity. Remember, a good fitness is based on 75% of what you eat and 25% exercise, that is the magical formula.

Removing certain foods from your diet can harm your body and if you want to opt for a vegan diet do it gradually and under the supervision of an expert doctor. Do not remove and add food whimsically to your diet, your body is quite different from that of others; and while a diet may work for an acquaintance, for you it can be harmful. To successfully lose weight the supervision of an expert is necessary, a doctor can control your values and indices and point you the best way to lose weight.

Health insurance coverage and weight loss

Many people do not know the benefits of good health insurance where you can access:

  • Weight loss surgeries if a life-threatening condition exist
  • Rewards program for doing exercise
  • Laboratory tests
  • Access to specialist doctors such as: nutritionists and surgeons
  • Monthly check ups

Not only maintaining a good and balanced weight will qualify you for a better priced Health Insurance, but cheaper Life Insurance options are at your dispossal when applying. Keep in mind that Life Insurance carriers have a standard guides based on weight and height, and keeping yourself in good shape can bump your tier to a preferred or preferred plus category, giving you options for a better price.

If you want to lose weight, do so with the advice of an expert, learn here how to get comprehensive health insurance.

At American US Insurance your well-being is our priority





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