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Fort Lauderdale has recently experienced unusually heavy rainfall that caused havoc in the city. The recent rains that hit Ft Lauderdale left many areas flooded, causing chaos and severe damage to the neigborhood areas. The excessive showers came in quick succession, leading to storm build-up or "training", which caused the 24-hour downpour that resulted in an unprecedented 25.91 inches of rainfall.

The significant rainfall forced the Ft. Lauderdale – Hollywood International Airport to shut down, causing travel disruptions for people travelling to and out of the city. It also caused the closing of schools, leaving motorists stranded in knee-deep water, and left many homes and businesses severely damaged by the floods. Sadly, the storm also spun up two short-lived tornadoes in Dania Beach mobile-home communities that sheared treetops and mangled metal siding.

The flooding witnessed in Ft Lauderdale is not an anomaly for this area, as the city has a history of being prone to flooding due to its flat topography and terrain conditions. The soil lacks the ability to absorb water resulting in high water levels, which easily overwhelm the city's drainage systems. Given that Ft. Lauderdale is a coastal city with an average elevation of just 9 feet., the combination of these factors significantly increases the likelihood of it experiencing severe flood damage during heavy rains and storm surges, which result from rising water levels in the ocean during hurricanes and sadly can cause significant damage to property and, worse still, a loss of life.

view of a flooded street inn Ftr lauderdale, FloridaIt is essential to bear in mind that the impact of heavy rainfall is not limited to the city's infrastructure only. It also affects the livelihoods and daily activities of residents in the region. Thus, it is crucial that adequate measures are put in place to manage flood risks and minimize damage in the aftermath of heavy rains.  

Furthermore, Ft. Lauderdale residents and business owners should act proactively by obtaining flood insurance policies to protect their assets, since this type of coverage is not included as part of a homeowners insurance policy or business policy. It's no secret that floods can cause catastrophic damage to a home or business. But what many don't realize is how much this kind of event could cost you if you're not properly prepared with flood insurance.

Without it, even a few inches of water in the basement or on the first floor can set homeowners back tens of thousands of dollars - an amount well beyond most people’s budgets! To learn more about which damages are covered and exactly how flooding affects property visit this link for details from FEMA and the National Flood Insurance Program.

Florida residents and business owners, no matter the region of the state you are in - an insurance policy against flooding is a great investment and should be a priority. Homeowners and renters alike can look into purchasing either a full or partial coverage plan to protect both the property and content against water damage caused by floods. Click here to get a Flood Insurance Quote from American US Insurance

In summary, the recent rains that hit Fort Lauderdale and resulted in severe flooding illustrate the vulnerability of the city to extreme weather conditions caused by persistent thunderstorms. The situation highlights the need for swift and practical action to mitigate the effects of environmental disasters effectively, safeguard the lives of the residents, protect their properties, and minimize infrastructure damage.

But most important,  this should be an invitation to all Florida residents to obtain a flood insurance policy, because at the end we never know when dissaster may strike.

Blog article written by: Evelyn Calabuch | President & Founder of American US Insurance a Florida Independent Insurance Agency 

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