Find Affordable Health Insurance in Florida

Find Affordable Health Insurance in Florida

How to Find Affordable Florida Health Insurance

When it comes to finding affordable health insurance in the state of Florida the best rates are usually found through a plan with your employer. However, if for some reason you are either unemployed or self-employed, you are not without options. There are many insurance companies that offer health insurance for an individual at a fair price.

Affordable health insurance - it seems, especially today, those words just don't belong together in the same sentence. Health insurance monthly premiums have become one of the biggest single expense in our lives. In fact, if you have any permanent health problems, or have had cancer at one time, your monthly health insurance cost could easily double or triple your car's payment.

Shopping for affordable health insurance can certainly be frustrating. If you have always had a health insurance plan from your place of employment, especially a state or federal employee - and now have to buy your own, you may not be able to afford the level of health insurance coverage you have become used to.

Affordable FL Health Insurance is available if you know how to look

When you are looking for affordable health insurance, you want the lowest cost per year that will fit your budget, of course. But even more important, you want a company that has a good record for paying without fighting with you on every detail. Just as there is a car for just about any budget, there is also affordable health insurance. You may not be able to afford a "Cadillac" policy - but then you probably don't need all the frills anyway.

Health Insurance through a Florida Insurance Agent is the best choice.

Here are a few reasons why.

  • You need a local agent to help you find the best coverage. A Florida Insurance Agent have access to different carriers and programs that better suit you. We can shop around from many different companies and find you a program to cover all your medical needs and be affordable at the same time.
  • Health insurance agents must be extremely competitive because it is so quick and easy to compare them with their competitors, with a simple phone call. In the past you would have had to visit physically eight to ten agents to do a similar comparison. Today, everything is simplified; one click or phone call away.
  • You can change your coverage, deductibles, and payment options by just talking to your agent or calling the company directly. This will save you a lot of time and effort and will guarantee the changes are done fast and correctly.
  • Set your monthly payment automatically. Charging to a credit card means you aren't going to forget a payment and be without insurance. Also, it gives you another 30 days before you actually have to pay. And as a plus, many companies today give an additional discount for "auto-pay".


The key, however, to finding affordable health insurance is realizing that the purpose of any health insurance is to protect you from a major financial loss - not to protect you from spending small money on clinic visits and sliver removal. These small expenses may be cumbersome, but they generally will not hurt you. It's the $100,000 heart operation that will break you. That's the financial disaster health insurance was originally designed to prevent.

Also, keep in mind that maintaining a good diet and doing exercise not only will keep you healthier, but there are also some health insurance companies that will reward you from doing this. You will find a few companies reimbursing you for a portion of a gym membership, for example, and even sending you a reward check or gift card, just for running or jogging daily.

Finding affordable health insurance is easier than most people think.

Taking more of the risk with higher deductibles or removing coverage that you will not likely need (such as maternity for many people), will make it very possible to find your own affordable health insurance.

In addition, you may apply for affordable health insurance through the Obamacare program. Many companies are listed there and because they are subsidized from the Federal Government, you will find excellent low rates, some people may even pay $0 monthly payment for their coverage, with policies having $0 Co-Payments and $0 Deductibles. This of course would be the best scenario ever, but also very common to see, it all depends on your next year’s income and household size.

Another great option is to opt in for any of our Medical Discount Plans, starting at just $49 a month. With this plans you have access to excellent  medical care, hospitals and specialists, regular doctor visits with very low co-pays, preventive care, yearly test and many more services included. What makes these plans so appealing is that anyone qualifies for it. There is no medical history check, no pre exiting conditions exclusions, no social security required and most important, any individual will qualify even without legal United States documents, a simple passport is enough and you will have a great medical coverage, should an eventuality arise.

Before you start shopping for Florida Individual Health Plan

Ask yourself a few questions to ensure you choose a plan that will work best for you

  • Can I continue to use my current physician: If you’ve established a long-term relationship with your doctor and absolutely do not what to change, then you will have to check which plan your doctor accepts and begin your search from that list. American US Insurance can help you do that in a very simple process.
  • Specialists: If you primarily use alternative care like an acupuncturist or a chiropractor, you must investigate to find out how your insurance company will respond. Some companies offer limited visits to such specialists. Make sure to find a plan that will compliment your lifestyle.
  • Out of pocket expense: Find out how much you are willing to pay out of pocket. Let’s face it, the more risk you can take, the less you should pay for insurance. However, if you cannot afford much out of pocket expense, look for plans with lower co-pays/deductibles. Usually there is an inverse relationship between co-pay/deductibles and premium. The lower the co-pay the higher the premium.
  • Children: Do you have any or planning to have any? If you don’t have children and are not planning to have any, then pediatricians are not an issue. However, if you currently have children and they have built a relationship with a pediatrician, there is yet another list of carriers for you to research, and our licensed agents at American US Insurance can help you with that process.


Finding Affordable Florida Health Insurance shouldn’t be hard or stressful. Just contact American US Insurance at 1-800-868-9170 and one of our licensed insurance agents will help you with the entire process, making your health insurance purchase, a pleasant experience.



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